Iridescener Podcast is one that features in-depth interviews with professional photographers, artists, critics, and curators in an attempt to shed light on meaningful topics. Focusing not only on the works and the creative process of featured artists, the podcast also examines how they view society and humanity at large.

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Iridescener Podcast

In this episode, we talked about using technologies such as Google Street View to photograph the landscape, as well as seeing the land as a place that collect history and seeing the act of taking pictures as an anti-death impulse.

Matthew López-Jensen is an environmental artist with a lens-based approach to many projects. He engages with social practice, and a lot of his works are community-based participatory projects.

Matthew is a Guggenheim Fellow in photography and his work is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Gallery of Art and the Brooklyn Museum, among other institutions.