Iridescener Podcast is one that features in-depth interviews with professional photographers, artists, critics, and curators in an attempt to shed light on meaningful topics. Focusing not only on the works and the creative process of featured artists, the podcast also examines how they view society and humanity at large.

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Iridescener Podcast

Matthew Leifeit is a photographer, magazine-editor, publisher, and professor based in Brooklyn, NY. He was formerly the photo director of Vice Magazine, and has written criticism and interviews about art and photography for Aperture, Vice, Art F City, and Time. Leifheit's photographic work is held in public collections including the ICP and the Museum of Modern Art Library. His photographs have appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker and Time Magazine. He is Editor-in-Chief of MATTE Magazine, a platform for new ideas in photography founded by Leifheit in 2010.


* Dru Donovan 2:30

* Bill Henson 3:06

* Deli Gallery 4:02

* George Platt Lynes Love Letters 4:53

* PaJaMa (Margaret French, George Tooker, Jared French) 5:10

* Peter Hujar 7:24 @@

* Bronx Museum 7:43 @@

* Collier Schorr 8:24

* Gerhard Richter 9:22

* Daniel Gordon 10:33

* JR 12:02

* Marble Hill Camera Club 14:28

* MATTE Magazine 15:35