Iridescener Podcast is one that features in-depth interviews with professional photographers, artists, critics, and curators in an attempt to shed light on meaningful topics. Focusing not only on the works and the creative process of featured artists, the podcast also examines how they view society and humanity at large.

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Iridescener Podcast

In this episode, We talked about how Juergen defines photography, how his works take audiences as participants and how the work stimulates a kind of mental image by means of sound, smell, and memory.

Juergen Staack is a conceptual and multi-disciplinary artist from Germany. He studied photography under Thomas Ruff and Christopher Williams and evolved to make work that expands in the field of installation, sound, language, etc. Juergen has had solo exhibitions in many places including Konrad Fischer Gallery, Düsseldorf, and artothek Raum für Junge Kunst, Cologne.